ContactGenie Exporter

Export contacts from MS Outlook and Exchange

ContactGenie is an advanced contact exporter for Microsoft Outlook/Exchange '2000-'2003. The app includes support for Personal Distributions Lists (PDL), MS Exchange Global Address List (GAL) and Global Distribution Groups (GDG).

You can export to MS Access, MS Excel and text files (CSV, Tab, and custom delimited). Output text format control for date, number, and currency fields for any pre-defined regional setting or user-defined format.

It also gives you the ability to export standardized values for CompanyName, FileAs, Email#DisplayAs fields. Strip alpha fax prefixes on export without affecting Outlook data (used to hide fax#'s from Addressbook). Multi-lingual support for viewing (Outlook Display As or Internal)/exporting (language based or Outlook internal) field names.

ContactGenie Exporter


ContactGenie Exporter 1.3.30